32+ White Horse Names: Symbolism and Meanings


Horses have names like human beings for identification. Each name has its meaning and significance. Having a white horse means getting a companion and a loyal buddy. It’s wise to name your horse with a unique and short name that they’ll identify with faster. And because white horses are pure and angelic, they need sweet names that make them stand out.

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What Is A White Horse Symbolism?

White horse symbolizes a lot of things according to either culture or religion. For example, in Christianity, the white horse signifies death. In some cultures, it symbolizes power and wisdom. 

In case a person sees a white horse in their dream, it’s believed to be a sign of good luck and a bright future. In some regions like in the Philippines, a white horse represents Pangantucan city. Philippine’s believed white horse saved them from a massacre.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a White Horse?

 Christians see a white horse as a sign of death. The meaning differs according to the bible books and verses. In the book of revelation, a white horse symbolizes the holy and pure state of Jesus. It’s also a sign of destruction. When the horseman will finally descend on earth and lay his furry on evildoers.

Funny White Horse Names

 Giving a horse a funny name makes you sound funny. It signifies a lot according to your character traits and beliefs. Giving a horse a funny name involves playing along with words to come up with a simple meaning. 

There are many famous funny names you can use to call your horse. It can be in line with the horse’s characters and their features. Or you can link it to a funny occurrence that should live in the memory line for a long time. Below is a list consisting of the funny names.

1. Bunny killer

Although the bunny killer has some other name, it has a real name. Bunny killer’s name is because it killed some rabbits while outside in the field.

2. Houdini

Houdini is a name best suits a horse who loves walking away from their yard. At times, IT disappears.

3. Bandit

A naughty horse should have this name-Bandit. This is because they’re always having intentions of spoiling things around.

4. Snoreen 

Snoreen is a horse that snores while asleep. It would be best if you named your horse such a funny name according to their snoring habits.

5. Never home

Never home, a white horse is always in the field wandering away from home.

6. Clear so far 

Clear so far is a destructor horse who clears the fence of the yard in no time. If you have a horse that clears things, this name fits their character traits.

7. Broomstick

Broomstick is a well-groomed horse with a skinny body frame and can run with no struggle.

8. Crazy horse

As the name suggests, it fits a crazy head horse that does funny and out of the world stuff.

9. Diamond 

This is as precious and strong as a diamond. Diamond is a hardcore horse that can withstand hard situations.

Male White Horse Names

Finding a white horse is a bit tricky in this era. In case you own one of these rare species, you’ll have to give them a special name. If it’s a male white horse, the name should portray its masculine features. The name can be interesting and famous or funny according to the owner’s preference. Here are some of the best male white horse names.

10. Ghost

Ghost is a horse that resembles a racehorse both in looks and character. The name originates from an administrator who fought for people’s rights and freedom.

11. Legend

Legend is the greatest of all horses. If the horse is famous in either race, it will be best if its name portrays the horse’s capabilities or beliefs.

12. Goliath 

Having a giant male horse that can scare the hell out of a person gives them Goliath. This name will make the horse stand out. The name is from a bible character.

13. Snowball

You can decide to name your horse according to historical occurrence or personalities. But because it’s a white male horse, snowballs can signify their color.

14. Abel 

It isn’t bad naming your horse after a person. Naming a horse Abel will make the horse have a unique name that is not common. So, it will be making the horse stand out within the horse family.

Female White Horse Names

Female white horses need beautiful and sweet names that resemble their angelic color. Give your white female horse names that are easy to remember. The names should make your horse feel cute whenever they’re called out. The best names to give a female white horse include;

15. Blessing 

Remember, a horse is a pet and should be part of the family. If the white female horse brings blessing into your home, why not name them blessings?

16. Angel 

Angel is a pretty sweet name that refers to a holy and pure creature. If your horse is so pure and harmless, this should be an ideal name.

17. Crystal 

A female horse with pure white color all over the body deserves such a sweet name. Crystal will make your horse look pure and brilliant.

18. Pearl 

Pearl means wisdom, which you gain through experience. Having a rare gem in a horse, you considered being more than a pet.

Famous White Horse Names

According to the famous historical heroes and heroine horses, naming a horse has been on for ages. The good qualities of the famous horses continue to be a source of inspiration to many. If you have difficulties giving your new breed horse names, consider the famous names common in ranches. They include;

19. Marengo

Marengo is one of the popular horses used in the fight during Napoleon’s first war in France. The name comes from the Marengo battle. In the battle, the horse came out of the battle safe together with the rider.

20. Dessie (Desert Orchid) 

Desert Orchid’s name comes from an English racehorse. The horse was positioned five in the National Hunt Horse awarded by Timeform. 

Royal White Horse Names

It is noticeable that most royal families love white horses. Whenever they make a public appearance on a horse, it must be a white one. The royal family understands the significance of white horses. That’s why they use them as part of their entourage in most functions. So, the royal white horse names are about the royal family. Here are some of the names.

21. Chancellor

Naming your horse a chancellor signifies the dignity and power they come with. It means the horse is the head either in the ranch or among the pets in your home.

22. Duke

If you have a male horse, Duke will fit them well. It means the male white horse is the ruler of the ranch.

White and Black Horse Names

 A white and black horse looks attractive and cute so that you can resist their sight. They’re a rare species with striking white and black color that requires a unique name. Some of the best names for the black and white horses are like;

23. Cappuccino

Like the cappuccino drink, a black and white horse meets the drinks two-color feature. The name sounds sweet and unique, and in case you love cappuccino, it’s hard to forget this name.

24. Maverick 

If the horse is wild and independent, maverick will go well with their character. The name is unisex, and you can use it to refer to the white and black horse of any gender.

Brown and White Horse Names

There are also white and brown horses. Name them according to their features or character traits. The best name you can give a white and brown horse is;

25. Gizmo

Naming your horse gizmo shows how strong and handsome they are. Gizmo shows how much strength they possess and the beauty of their color.

26. Bullseye

If you have a beautiful and unique brown and white horse, that means they’ll be a center of attraction. So, if you name the horse bullseyes, it shows it will prosper in races attracting huge attention.

Show Names for a White Horse

White show horses are one of the best pets with a high sense of style, well-mannered and obedient. And because they’re professional horses, they are different from other horses. The show horses have unique characters and appearances because they undergo training. 

27. Matchmaker

As the name suggests, a matchmaker horse sets the pace for the show. The horse has all the qualities that make the show start at high standards. 

28. Silent star

If you have a show horse with amazing appearance and features, give them this name. Although silent stars shine in a show, they never become popular and can have this name.

Mythical White Horse Names

White horses symbolize a lot of things in line with myths, each varying from a different culture. The white horses come with good luck, war, or fertility. Some of the mythical white horses’ names are like;

29. Hades

Hades is a Greek title for god that they associate with white horses. Greece people believe that Hades is a source of wealth and the world underneath. The god has three big heads, is jealous, and full of control. The characters fit well for a controlling and jealous horse.

30. Nike

Nike is a Roman goddess that stands for winning. If you have a horse with a bright future and full of greatness, consider giving them this name. The name might make them prosperous.

Indian Names for White Horses

31. Tiponi; Hopi

Tiponi; Hopi, translates to a child of importance. If you value one of your white horses, name them Tiponi, and you will never regret it.

32. Pelipa: Zuni

Pelipa: Zuni is a lover of horses. Meaning when you name your white horse Pelipa, they’ll have an easy time interacting with other horses.

How to Choose a Name for Your White Horse?

When choosing a name for your white horse, let it be short and easy to grasp. Your horse name shouldn’t be too long or hard to pronounce. And specifically, consider giving each horse in your ranch a different name to avoid confusion. 


When settling for a white horse name, consider giving a unique short name. The name will give the horse an easy time identifying with. If it’s a female white horse, the name should be sweet and attractive. And the male counterparts should have names that resemble their character or masculinity. The color of the white horses, too, can help while choosing a perfect name.

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