23 Unique Native American Horse Names with Their Meanings – Tips For Name Your Horse


If you recently acquired a horse, it’s only natural to want to give it the best name ever. Horse naming has since been an American culture anyway, and you can’t be left behind. Giving your horse a Native American name is fun and symbolic. The creativity behind the name is just so amazing.

Well, we’re here to help you name your newly acquired pet. Read this article to understand everything you need to know about naming a horse. You can then choose a perfect name Native American name that best suits him or her.

What Does Horse Mean in Native Americans?

In Native American culture, horses were highly regarded and considered a way of life. They were viewed as spiritual and mythical figures. They were a symbol of freedom representing the people’s history. Horses also symbolized wealth and love for different tribes. 

There is a lot of symbolism that the natives gave to the horse. The horse symbolizes power, strength, and stamina. Those tribes that possessed horses won battles as they were stronger than those who didn’t. The animals symbolizes loyalty, love, and devotion. They acted as essential signs of mutual respect and a source of pride for the owners.

Why Was the Horse Important to Native Americans?

When horses arrived in America, they changed people’s way of life. They became an essential part of the native culture hence honored in songs, objects, and ceremonies. They became part and parcel of the everyday life of the natives. They were used for travel, competition, and war. Horses represented the standard of wealth and prestige to the owner.

The arrival of horses made the Americans more active as they covered more ground when traveling. The horses made hunting easier. They became important for traders and highly prized possessions. The owners used them as a bargaining tool. All these factors made horses extremely important to Native Americans.

Native American Female Horse Names with Meanings

If you’re naming your female horse, you have to choose a name according to how beautiful it is. But it’s not all about the appearance but also the meaning of the name. You have to understand a little trivia associated with the name. Here are some pretty female horse names to help you name your newly acquired friend.

1. Cocheta

If you recently acquired a new horse and didn’t like the current name, Cocheta can do. Cocheta name means stranger, which can be perfect for the new arrival in your family.

2. Wanekia

This is another Native American name that you can give your beautiful horse. Wanekia means the maker of life. This name is perfect for a racing horse. It symbolizes focus, leadership, and achievement-oriented personality.

3. Nuttah

Nuttah means ‘my heart’. Your horse is definitely your heart since you love her so much. You probably want to give her a name that shows that love. There is no better name than Nuttah in this case.

4. Chenoa

Chenoa means dove in Native America. It’s a perfect name if you have a white horse or an extremely beautiful one. The character traits of a horse with the name are one that desires freedom and independence. The horse doesn’t tolerate limitations.

5. Yanaba

Yanaba is another unique female horse name that means ‘she meets her enemy’. This is a horse that seeks to dominate every situation. It can be a perfect name for a racehorse.

6. Galilahi

Galilahi is a horse name derived from a Native American horse that carried people to battle. The beautiful horse had massive strength and was perfectly decorated for battle. You can get this beautiful name for your highly attractive female horse.

7. Tadita

Tadita is a name that means ‘one who runs’. Tadita is no doubt a perfect name for a racehorse as it represents what it does. If it has a higher speed than other horses, this name perfectly suits it.

8. Utina

Utina is a female horse name, which means ‘woman of my country’. It’s a romantic and cute horse name that you can never go wrong with.

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Native American Male Horse Names with Meanings

If you have a masculine and robust horse on your farm, a Native American name can be the most suitable. You definitely love the history of Native Americans or just mesmerized by their traditions.

Naming your horse after one of theirs can be a wonderful choice. Here are a few Native American names for male horses that you can draw your inspiration from.

9. Denali

This is a male horse name derived from the name mountain. The name means a high or great one. If you happen to get one of the tallest horses in the neighborhood that everyone is looking forward to riding, Dehali could be a suitable name.

10. Kinta

The name Kinta means laughter. It’s a very unique and wonderful name you can give to your ever jovial horse. Kinta is extreme in health, spirituality, and fortune. Well, your horse can be all those. Names have powers indeed.

11. Hinto

Hinto means blue-haired. This is a name you can give to your horse based on his physical characteristics. It’s not only a unique and wonderful name but also an easy one to pronounce.

12. Sipatu

Sipatu is a popular male horse name used by Native Americans. Despite being popular, Sipatu is a beautiful name that will make your horse stand out from the rest. The name means to pull out.

13. Orenda

Orenda’s horse name means magical powers and the Great Spirit. The name has strong connections with nature and spiritual energy. It’s perfect for a horse that showcases invisible powers.

14. Doba

This is another incredible Native American horse name that means ‘no war’. You can give this name to your peaceful, loving, and fun horse.

15. Eyota

 Eyota means great. It’s a Native American horse name given to a playful horse that is fun to be with. It’s cute and easy to pronounce the name.

16. Huyana

This name means rain falling. The Native American name is Unique and will perfectly suit your horse. Huyana is a sweet and loving horse.

Native American Mythological Horse Names

Different Native American horse names represented different mythologies. Giving your horse a name with mythological meaning is believed to create a strong bond between you and your newly acquired companion.

If you’re a Native American breed, a mythological name is a way to go back to your heritage. Here are some amazing mythological horse name ideas to consider.

17. Ahone

The Powhatan tribe considered Ahone their creator god. The name also means the creator. Naming your horse with this symbolic name symbolizes a force for good. It can work for a noble or kind steed.

18. Jamul

If you have a pretty playful horse, Jamul will make a wonderful name. This name represents the Achumawi Coyote god. While the god could have its share of trouble, the people depended on it to make fire and progress in life. You can also depend on your Jamul for things such as traveling.

19. Wakanda

Wakanda is an important name among many Native Americans. He is the creator of the Osage, Omaha, and Ponca tribes. You can use this name for either a male or a female horse as Wakanda has no gender. It could work well for a horse who gently leads others from behind.

20. Kipitaki

The Blackfoot tribe considered Kipitaki, a hero. She’s a teacher and a helper of the people. Consider this for that horse you depend on so much. The one everyone wants to take out thanks to its friendly nature and hard work.

21. Manetoa

Manetoa name was associated with the Algonquian tribe and represented a giant underwater snake. The fearless creature has huge horned and armored scales. It only feared thunder. You can use this name for a fearless horse that’s only afraid of thunder.

22. Asin

The Alsea tribe associated this name with an ogress who ate children. The name was always mentioned to get children to behave. If you want a secret intimidating name for your horse, Asin can be a good one. 

23. Sibu

Sibu represented a transformer god who created the earth and still tried to make it an adaptable and better place to live in. If you have a kind, sweet, and kind hearted horse, this could be a suitable name.

Tips for Naming Your Horse

There are thousands of horse names out there that sound pretty cool and perfect for your horse. Unfortunately, many of these names are already taken or don’t just fit your horse’s breed. Though there is no offense in taking an already taken name, you still need something unique and cute. But don’t get stuck in naming your horse because here are important tips that will help you.

Name According to Breed

Your horse’s breed is one thing you can consider when trying to come up with a suitable name. If it’s a mixed breed, you can use both the father’s side and the mother’s side. A combination of both sides can also work well. If you don’t know the breed of your horse, try asking experts.

You should also not forget the breed registries rules and regulations put in place for horse naming. For Dutch Warmblood, the registry may require that the name should start with the letter assigned for the year. Make sure you register your horse with an official name.

Find a Barn Name (Nickname)

The name you have in the registry can also differ from your horse’s home name. A barn name is an informal nickname that you’ll use to call your horse every day. Unlike registered names, barn names have no rules, and you can choose any that you like. To ensure you don’t get confused, you can make the barn name similar to the registered name. A barn name should be interesting, fun, and unique. 

Consider Your Horse’s Personality 

If you’ve been with your horse for some time now, you must know a few things about their personality. Think about your horse’s character traits or what they like. What is their favorite activity? What do they like to eat? You can even name your horse pear or apple if they like fruits. If they jump high, Jumper can work. If the host is a fun runner, you can name them Swift.  

Get Inspiration from TV Shows, Movies, or Books

If you love movies, you must come across a movie horse that you love. Or a horse character in your favorite book or TV show. Think of famous show horses that make a good part of history. You can get inspiration for your horse’s name from such. Try figuring out if their personalities match to make this more interesting.

Use the Horse’s Physical Characteristics

Every horse is unique in its own way. You can find one or two things you can pinpoint from yours. Check if they have any markings or specific built. Check their skin, legs types, body stripe, or star. Use these physical characteristics to come up with a suitable name for your horse.

Use the Name Generator

Name generators can make the process of finding a name for your colt easier. If you completely have no idea where to begin, a name generator can help with some ideas. A name generator can suggest a name using your interests, breed, or inspiration from racehorses. You can also add specific words like a farm name or your name and form a complete name for your horse.


Naming a horse is a very important affair in the life of a horse owner. Finding a perfect name alone should call for a celebration. Since the name is important for both you and the horse, it needs a lot of consideration when choosing. Consider the breed and its origin. Look at the horse’s personality traits and physical characteristics.

If you can’t find a name, consider asking a friend to help out or using a name generator. You should rush to name the horse only to end up changing. Take your time and consider several ideas. 

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