Using the Right Crabgrass Killer to Maintain your Lawn


Crabgrass is one of the biggest annoyances for anyone looking to maintain their lawn and their garden.

A seasonal weed, the spring brings about a new season of crabgrass growth in gardens across the country and their seeds begin to germinate and their plant bodies grow at phenomenally fast rates.

A well maintained lawn is a fantastic deterrent for crabgrass growth however you may sometimes find it necessary to purchase an additional crabgrass killer which can be dispersed across your garden and prevent any crabgrass from germinating in your garden.

Many garden centres and online retailers sell a wide range of these products and with a little friendly advice you can find the perfect weed killer to purify your new garden.

Crabgrass is a stubborn weed that typically dies out over winter and leaves a wide dispersal of dormant seeds ready to begin the life cycle again in spring.

Once germinated the plants reproduce by dispersing hundreds of airborne seeds and these can disperse across many gardens at a rapid rate. You can treat your gardens and your lawns just before the onset of spring by using a crabgrass killer purchased either online or at your local garden retailers.

They come in liquid or granular form and can help form a permanent chemical enhanced shield for your garden.

Timing is essential when using a crabgrass killer as they only prevent this species from germinating and do not work effectively at removing plants that are already growing and reproducing.

The most effective contain the active ingredient ‘Dithiopyr’ which is the perfect chemical herbicide for crabgrass and destroys any seeds that come into contact with it. They have no physical or chemical effect on lawn grass and other plants so you will not suffer from dying patches of lawn or inefficient flower beds across the spring and summer.

As an alternative to using a chemical based crabgrass killer, many people are now turning to organic methods of crabgrass control. This is considered considerably more natural and is drastically less harmful to the local wildlife and immediate environment. One key method is to ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible.

A well maintained lawn with a length of about 2 to 3 inches will prevent crabgrass seeds from germinating as the area is too competitive in terms of both water resources and sunlight. Also if you notice that your lawn is developing ‘bald-spots’ you should act fast to re-sow grass here as they will become quickly inhabited with weeds like crabgrass.

Over seed the areas with excessive amounts of grass seeds and heavily water the spot for 2 to 3 weeks to ensure that your natural grass re-inhabits the area and prevent the incoming crabgrass infestation.

Whether chemical or natural methods are used there are many options available to you when fighting against the growth of crabgrass. Ask the friendly staff at your local garden centres for advice or use one of the many online guides available to you and ensure you have the perfect garden for yourself and your loved ones over the course of the next summer.


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