7 Plants that Repel Spiders


Spiders are important in the functioning of an ecosystem because they eat pesky insects that may be destructive in the garden and in the house in general. But not all people know this.

And most importantly, not all people are tolerant with spiders. If you are one of those people, you might be looking for some organic ways to repel spiders. As such, there are some plants that you might want to grow.

What causes spiders to niche on your house?

Spiders niche on spaces where there is plenty of moisture. This is the reason why they sprawl on basements, attics, and in the damp high corners of a room.

Other than this, maybe your house has a steady supply of food sources like ticks, fleas and mites. If one of these are probable scenarios for you, it is no wonder that spiders are flocking in your homes.

Are spiders destructive for your garden?

No and partially yes. No because as have been mentioned, spiders are dependable in regulating the infestation of destructive insects that may munch on your garden plants. But it could be partially yes too since there are also spider garden pests.

So it is imperative that you must be good in identifying the type of spider that is there.

What smell do spiders hate?

Spiders particularly hate citrus smells and vinegar, among others. The scents of eucalyptus, lemon and orange peels are enough to make them go away.

They are also frightened with peppermint essential oils and even lemongrass. This is because these scents are too strong for their olfactory nerves to process and it masks their agility in looking and hunting for food since they are mostly dependent on the smell of their prey.

7 Plants that Repel Spiders

So for the most important section in this article, we are now ready to give you a brief rundown of the plants that you could plant to naturally repel spiders.

1. Peppermint

This is considered as one of the most prolific herbs because it is easy to cultivate. Due to its strong minty scent, spiders are wary of this plant.

Since it can be planted in both indoor and outdoor pots, spiders will not take residence in your house anytime soon because they can be planted amongst other plants in the garden or can be strategically placed in damp spaces where spiders can niche on.

2. Basil

It is another go-to herb for many dishes but other than being very helpful in the kitchen, basil is also a good natural deterrent for many insects including spiders.

It has a very aromatic scent which easily fills the room when crushed into pieces or when in active growth phase. They can also be used as essential oils to be rubbed in spaces where spiders could take up residence on.

3. Lavender

Not only do lavenders make us calm when extracted for tea or essential oils, this plant is also recognized as a natural insect repellent which also includes spiders.

Since they can be potted indoors, putting them in windowsills would be beneficial in deterring those spiders from making webs because the scent of lavender is also very volatile. This means that they would smell the lavender from a few meters and more.

4. Lemon Balm

This plant is a very good option for colder areas with damp indoors. It does not need much light for its plant care routine.

It is hated by fruit bats and spiders among others because of its very strong scent. It can be planted in between soil beds or indoors through small pots.

5. Rosemary

This is another herb that cooks cannot live without. It has a faint smell that spiders in particular hate so much.

Crushed rosemary flowers and leaves will definitely stop spiders from finding solace in the spaces of your home. This plant is easy to propagate and is fairly tolerant to cold. That is the reason why it is advised that they be potted indoors and be put in window sills.

6. Eucalyptus

Aside from being an established natural deterrent for mosquitoes, it is also a natural repellent for spiders and bugs.

You might imagine the eucalyptus as only trees but you must know that you can always go for the dwarf varieties. The eucalyptus is especially beneficial in deterring harmful spiders like black widows or wolf spiders.

7. Lemon grass

As the main source of citronella which is hated by mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mites and even spiders, it would be very beneficial to have one at home or in the garden.

This plant has a certain acidity level that manifests in their strong scents. This acidity level resembles that of lemons that is why spiders hate this plant in particular.

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