How To Avoid Pets Damage To Your Patio Furniture


Pets are man’s friends. Naturally, humans have a great attraction and affection towards animals and so, many people like to own pets. Some people are highly conscious of their pet’s behavior and make sure to train them well.

On the other hand, some people do not bother training their pets and they may have to pay for that at times. No matter how attached you are to your pet, you still need to be careful regarding certain things.

Most pets are seen damaging furniture at home and many people have major concerns regarding this. However, there are many ways by which you can avoid this damage by taking some simple measures.

Train your pet

Training a pet is as important as owning one. If you do not do this, you will have to face the negative side. Train your cat or dog about simple tasks. For example, if you notice it biting the sofa or teak chairs on the patio, do not let it sit on it quite often.

You should also instruct them on how to behave because they understand instructions very well.  It is a tough and time taking task but it is worth it.

Once your pet gets used to getting instructions over certain behaviors, it will start adapting to them. After that, they will not be a problem for you when some guests visit you.

Keep their nails trimmed

Scratching is innate and you might not stop your pet from doing it. It is useless to scold them and is rather destructive for them. Scratching allows cats to mark their territory, stretch their back muscles, and keep their nails sharp.

Dogs scrape the surface of their sleeping area to leave a scent imprint and make it comfier. The best way to avoid this damage to your patio furniture is to make manicures a part of their routine. Trimmed and polished nails will surely save your patio furniture from scratches.

Give them something to play with

Ever wondered why pets bite and scratch on the furniture? Because they might need something to do so. So, a good way to save your furniture is to provide your pets with some playful objects.

It can be a squishy ball, a stuffed toy, or anything like that. They love to play with them and often carry them along.

When you do this, you will surely save your furniture from any damage. You can easily find a wide variety of pet toys at stores. Different colors make them attractive to animals and they have a nice fun time playing with them.

Choose pet-friendly furniture

If you want to have a pet and avoid damage at the same time, you will have to make smart choices. In this scenario, it is better to have pet-friendly furniture. It is always resilient and easy to clean.

Furniture made of leather, pleather, or microfiber is significantly more durable and easy to clean than other materials, making it a superior choice for your house. All three are stain-resistant, repel water and other liquids, and are hair-repellent.

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Use smells that deter pets

If your pet is scratching or relieving itself on your furniture or carpet, you can use odors to keep them away from certain areas. Strong-smelling perfumes will keep cats and dogs away because they have a much stronger sense of smell than humans do. Both dogs and cats are deterred by citrus aromas that are pleasant to humans and are readily available in spray form. Eucalyptus, lavender, and cinnamon are among other scents that animals dislike.

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