9 Essentials To Buy Before Adopting A Cat


Cats can brighten a person’s life. Aside from being affectionate, felines can be playful, adaptable, and even help chase pests or rodents around the house. They can also be left alone and know how to handle their needs. Adopting one or more will surely not make you disappointed.   

Having heard all the great things about living with a cat, you may feel excited about heading to the pet store to adopt one. However, don’t rush. Living with a cat is not as simple as taking care of a betta fish that only had to be fed once a day and whose water only had to be replaced once a week. Before going to the shelter, you’ll need to get a hand of a few cat essentials that your future feline friend will need.  

Below is a list of the essential supplies you will need when taking home a new cat family member.

1. Nutrient-Rich Cat Food 

It would be best for cats to consume specific food depending on their life stage. For example, kittens would need their mother’s milk or a substitute kitten milk for nourishment.

On the other hand, an adult cat would need to eat cooked meat or fish for proteins and healthy fats. As a result, do your homework before buying cat food and visit food company websites to gather the information you need.

Consult your veterinarian about food, just as you would with everything else involving your cat. If you’re unsure, you could try asking the pet shelter what kind of food the cat has been eating.     

2. Cat Bed 

Of course, your cat will require a comfortable place to sleep. A cat bed is optional, but it is recommended. It can be anything that has a comfortable and quality cushion. Enclosed cat beds are among the best beds since cats feel safer in confined spaces.  

Furthermore, cats may be picky about their beds, often preferring a shoebox over a soft, snuggly bed. Keep an eye on your cat’s behavior to help you decide which bed will be more pleasant for them.  

3. Separate Bowls For Food And Water 

Some cats seem to dislike having their food and drink next to each other. And in case your feline friend doesn’t like that too, it would be best to prepare two or more bowls for their food and water.   

Food bowls come in a variety of designs. As for water bowls, water fountains are among the most popular. These bowls continuously pump water through filters and out through a spout, keeping it fresh and enticing your feline companion to drink. This is because, in the wild, cats fancy drinking from running water as they believe it’s safer.  

4. Cat Carrier 

After you adopt a cat from a pet store, you’ll need a carrier to put them in as you bring them home. Cat carriers are essential for taking your cat to the vet for regular check-ups or in case of emergencies. They’re also handy if you travel regularly and wish to bring your feline friend.   

A decent carrier should keep your cat protected, safe, and comfortable when you’re on the road. For that reason, you should pick a design suitable and spacious enough for your cat. A top-loading carrier is one of the preferred types; it’s a style that allows you to lift the top of the carrier, pick up the feline, and easily place them back in.

5. Litter Box 

Cats require a litter box for pooping and peeing. A typical litter tray is available almost anyplace pet necessities are sold. Such bins must be deep enough to hold the droppings in, even if your cat tosses dirt around while they bury their poop.

Moreover, litter trays of any kind must be at least 1.5 times wider than your cat so they’ll have enough space to turn around. They must also absorb odor and moisture for hygienic purposes.

6. Grooming Tools 

Grooming time is an excellent opportunity to connect with your new feline friend. You may play with them as you remove their dead hairs and dirt or debris. As for grooming tools, try looking for a fine-toothed comb or a pin brush with rubberized backing since they are more effective than regular brushes. A cat-specific nail clipper is a plus too for maintaining their claws.  

7. Cat Toys 

All cats enjoy playing, and you can start bonding with them by giving them toys and interacting with them. Feathers and balls are a popular choice for interactive play.

Just make sure it’s durable enough so that little kitties don’t pull off pieces or shreds from the dangling section. Besides that, there are still more toys that cats love to play with. You may experiment with catnip toys, teasers, or even household objects.  

8. Scratching Posts 

Whether you like it or not, cats love scratching. Hence, you should provide your cat with a proper setting to scratch—scratchers. These are necessary for maintaining excellent paws and nail health. It may be as basic or as intricate as you like.

If you’re good with DIYs, you could even construct one yourself. Moreover, you can buy scratching posts with added catnip aroma to lure your cat even more. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still get started with a cardboard scratcher.  

9. Collars 

Even if your cat spends the most, if not all, of its time indoors, it should still wear a collar. Letting your cat wear a collar with ID tags or a microchip keeps them safe when they run away or go outside. This way, a random passerby will no longer mistake your cat for a stray.  

However, with collars, you may be worried if your feline friend gets stuck on a branch or fence. Luckily, a breakaway collar is one of the best collars a cat can wear. With enough force, breakaway collars will come off. That way, if your cat’s collar is snagged in fencing or shrub, your cat will not get trapped.  

Final Thoughts 

It’s essential to prepare a few things before bringing your new cat or kitten home. That way, your cat will feel more at home and less like an outsider. Take your time to research and buy quality essentials for your cat. You may take the list above as your reference.

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