32 Unique Female Horse Names and Their Meanings


Horses are the best companions you can never regret having. If you own a horse; you have to name it for identification and avoid confusion. In case you have a female horse, try and give them a unique but sweet name. 

Don’t think it will be easy settling for a specific name but let the title create a good memory in your life. We’ll discuss various female horse names in different categories. The information will give you an insight into which name to pick, depending on your taste.

Famous Female Horse Names

You can decide to name your female horse after a famous horse who did brilliantly in the races. Alternatively, you can name your female horse as per a horse character you saw in a favorite movie or read in a book. Below are the famous female names you can use.

Beautiful Jim Key

Beautiful Jim Key has a unique story relating to media appearance back in the years. Beautiful Jim Key was able to write, read, and do simple calculations at popular events. One of the events she took part in is the World Fair, which was in St. Louis.


Marengo is an Arabic horse that was christened after a famous battle that took place in Marengo. If you have a fierce horse, Marengo can be a perfect name.


What a sweet name. If you name your horse Sophie, you’ll be doing so in remembrance of Colonel Potter. Colonel Potter had an appearance in a tv program known as MASH.

Princess Celestia

The name Princess celestial is associated with a movie called My Little Pony Tales. It had white wings and rainbow shadings.

White Female Horse Names

White female horses are the prettiest pets you can have in your territory. The female white horse signifies purity and wisdom. If you own one, give her a name that resembles its angelic looks. Some of the names you can consider for the female white horse include;


The name Casper comes from a cartoon movie where it acts to be a friendly phantom. If you notice your horse is warm, Casper will be a perfect match for them.


Venessa is a cute name that refers to a Greek goddess. The goddess is a symbol of the Greek brotherhood. This name will suit your beautiful white horse perfectly.


Clara is a name you should use to refer to something/someone that is spotless and bright. If your white female horse has a pure heart this is the name for her.


In French, the word Beatrice means a female who makes others happy. Naming your white female horse Beatrice could mean they’ll be your source of joy.

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Black Female Horse Names

Are you a fan of black female horses? If you have one, read along to know some of the names you can give your favorite horse as settling for one is never easy.


Bella is a sweet name that you can’t forget easily, and it is the best pick for your black female horse. It has an Italian background, and with a character that refers to a book series known as Twilight.

Black Beauty 

Is your black female horse a center of attraction with outstanding beauty? Naming your pretty mare black beauty will make them stand out in the crowd. The name is about a famous horse actor in a Bonanza TV show around the 1960s.

Cher Ami

In French, the term Cher Ami refers to a close friend. In World War I, Cher Ama was a messenger pigeon that the USA police used to send messages to their enemy camp. She could pretend to be a male pigeon, but her tricks came out when the enemy struck her, causing injuries. 

Cher Ami was able to deliver close to 200 men during the first world war. If you notice that your black female horse is courageous and caring, Cher Ami will be the right name.


Short and simple. Elsa is pretty much known for the character role in a Born Free: Lioness of Two Worlds book. In this book, Elsa, who is an orphan, stays with her foster parents before disappearing into the bush. So, if your black female horse loves adventure in the bush, Elsa is the perfect pick for her.

Grey Female Horse Names

It’s never wrong naming your female horse in line with their skin color. Grey is a unique skin pigmentation that’s rare with the horse species. You need not struggle to look for a name that’s either famous or popular but use the horse color. Below are the grey female horse names.


In Arabic, Zulma means grey. So, naming your female horse, Zulma refers to their skin color. It’s a perfect name for your unique, grey horse.


The Irish use the term Lonru to refer to glow. If you feel your female grey horse has a different and stunning glow from others, name it Lonru.


Tormenta is a Spanish name meaning tornado. Tormenta is the right name for a powerful female grey horse.

Cute Female Horse Names

You’ll never go wrong when you give your female horse a cute name that makes them feel pretty. You can choose an attractive name following your horse character or appearance. Some of the adorable female horse names are as follows;


Naming your female horse Rosie after a rose flower shows how beautiful and sweet she is. And because rose flowers are popular, it means Rosie will be famous.


A bright and sweet horse deserves the name candy. You can name any female horse regardless of color candy.


Suppose you have a female horse who’s full of energy and charisma Candy is the name. You’ll never go wrong naming your horse such a cute name.


Horses are pure and signify holiness. Naming your female horse angel shows how angelic they are. If you realize your horse is pure at heart, give them the name angel.


You can’t miss it when you give your female horse a Short and clear name. Amber is a cool color that, if you have a special attachment with it, go ahead and use it.

Irish Female Horse Names

If you love names of Irish origin, you can choose one for your female horse. Read along to see the various Irish female horse names you can select from below;


Sage means wise. If you have an intelligent female horse, consider naming her sage. Sage will also portray the beauty of your little girl.


Kayla is the right choice for a female horse who is slim and tall. You can use your mare’s appearance to give her a sweet name like Kayla.


Cara in Irish means friend. If you have a friendly female horse, don’t hesitate to name her Cara. Foster this friendship and take it to the next level with a beautiful name.

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Arabian Female Horse Names

Do you have an Arabian female horse, and you’re torn between which Arabic name will suit them? Relax and look at the below list to get help with the names that will be easy to memorize?


The name Hibab means gift. If you view your female horse as a gift and a blessing in your life, then this is the perfect name for her.


Almas means diamond. Diamond is a symbol of power and pureness. Naming your female horse Almas shows how much trust you have in her ability.


An Arabian female horse that walks with exact steps should be named Ruwayday. To know how your horse moves around, take some evening walks, and check how she rolls.


Do you have a beautiful female horse? Consider naming it Jamilah in appreciation of her beauty.

How to Choose A Name for Your Mare?

Go by The Looks

Although settling for a mare’s name can be challenging, look at the physical attributes to help you out. Check on the color or any tangible mark on their body that makes her stand out. Alternatively, you can consider naming her according to her character. All you need to do is take your time and observe how she behaves. If she’s a calm horse, you can name her peaceful.

Name According to What You Intend Your Horse to Be in The Future

Before introducing a mare as part of your family, you’ll always have plans for them. Either they’ll be your pet, or you’ll be engaging her in races. For whichever reason, choose a name that will suit your future needs in her. Suppose you’ll be enrolling your mare for shows; give her a name that will attract attention. But if she’ll be your pet, give her a cute sweet name like Candy.

What Inspires You in Life?

Naming mares can be made simple and not involving by referring to your source of inspiration. If you love a particular book or author, that’s the name you should give your mare. Don’t overthink because that movie you love can be your mare’s name. 

You can also unveil your love for history and choose the famous horse name who did splendid work in either races or shows. If you can’t remember the famous names that inspire you, make good use of google.

Why Not Try Human Names

You could be admiring a baby name, but you have none to give it to. Use this opportunity to keep the name alive in your life by giving it your mare. If you can’t think of any better human name to give your mare, source them from the internet. The internet will also give you the deep meaning of the name, making you settle for what you know.

Look for Short, Sweet Names

If you want to give your mare a name, make it short and easy to pronounce. Short names are easy to remember, and if they are sweet, they will stick longer. You can try calling out the name to see if it will be challenging to pronounce or if it will be hard to remember. 

The title should also be unique to enable your mare to identify with it faster. Remember, the name you’re going to choose will live with you forever, so take your time to look for the best.

Name Per the Relevant Authorities’ Guidelines

When choosing names for your mare, have a variety. Having several names will help you because the horse regulatory body dealing with a registration has the final say. You might choose a name, but they refuse it upon presentation because they discourage copying other horses’ names. 

Usually, the regulatory body has name specifications and guidelines for each horse category. For example, if you have a racehorse, they’ll need you to have an eighteen-character name that includes letters, numbers, and space. 

The guidelines also vary with the horse breed, so you should consult with the relevant authorities before naming your mare. You can also search on the internet to find out the rules relating to your mare.

Funny Names

Choosing a funny name for your mare isn’t bad. A name that can cause stares, giggles, and laughter whenever they’re called out. The name can be about the mare’s physical features like tiny, or if she eats a lot, you can name her fifty bales of hay. Don’t forget you can choose a name about your mare’s hooves size and make it look funny.

Consider A Goddess Name for Your Mare

Suppose you’re into history and prefer religious names relating to the goddess try this option. There are Greek goddess names that you can look at and choose from if they interest you. The Indiana goddess is also the right choice from which you can pick your mare’s name. 

If you can’t think of any goddess name for your mare but have an interest go online and search for the goddess names.

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Coming up with the best name for your mare can always be tricky, especially if you’ve never had one before. However, when you buy an older female horse, she can come bearing a name. But the name could be hard that at times you don’t understand its meaning. 

The best thing you can do is look for another perfect name that won’t give you a hard time remembering or pronouncing. You can also choose a name going by their physical appearance. Or by a famous horse and in line with what inspires you in life. It will still be fine if you get a human name or associate it with historical events regarding mares.

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